What size inverter do I need?

What size inverter do I need?

What's an Inverter and Why Do I Need One?

Think of your lithium battery as a reservoir holding direct current (DC) electricity. This is great for some things, but most appliances in your home or on-the-go (RV, boat) need alternating current (AC) electricity, like the kind from a wall outlet. An inverter acts like a magic adapter, transforming the DC power from your battery into AC power that your devices can use to run!

Now, Let's Find the Perfect Inverter Size!

Don't worry, picking the right inverter size doesn't have to be complicated! Each appliances has a wattage draw on the battery when used. You can usually find this written somewhere on your device. For example on this hair dryer uses 2000 watts when switched on, as indicated on the side of the hair dryer:

Here's a quick way to find the perfect match for your lithium battery:

  1. Know your appliances: List the appliances you want to power with the inverter. Focus on the ones with the highest wattage (W) rating, which you'll usually find on a sticker on the appliance itself.
  2. Add a little extra: It's good practice to get an inverter with a capacity higher than your total wattage needs. This gives you some headroom for surges when appliances first turn on. For example, if your appliances add up to 400 watts, aim for an inverter around 800 watts or a 1000 watts (or 2 -3 times the total wattage).
  3. Consider future needs: Think about any appliances you might add in the future. Choosing an inverter with some extra capacity now can save you from needing to upgrade later.

Remember: This is a general guide. If you're unsure or have complex needs, consult a qualified electrician for advice.

Happy powering!

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